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I remember a couple of years ago, I came across some websites that allowed users to design your own shirt and leather bags. Finally, in Singapore, we ladies can let our imagination run wild and design our very own coveted shoes with The Shoe Design Studio.

Here’s the pair of shoes that I designed. Blue Leather + Teal Patent + Pink Nubuck + Black Trimming = MsGlitzy’s Special Shoes!

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Have you ever landed into a situation where you need an outfit for a glamorous event but find it such a waste to splurge on that evening gown that you would only wear once?

I am pretty excited now because I have found a store in Singapore that offers the option to buy or rent evening and occasion wear, jewellery and evening bags!

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I asked this question on Facebook and Twitter recently. We have so many foreign fashion chains in Singapore – Uniqlo, River Island, Forever 21, Promod, A.P.C. etc. But is there any missing bright spot? There were quite a number of replies. So, I decided to introduce all the brands that readers have contributed and we can all learn new names together.

For those with deep pockets looking for new business opportunities in Singapore retail, this might be a good list for you to work on!

Abercrombie & Fitch

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