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As some of you might have already know, 14th March is the White Day. A day after Valentine’s Day, this day is celebrated at Korea and Japan when males who received a  “chocolate of love” on Valentine’s Day are expected to return the favor by giving gifts. Shiseido decided to take White Day to another level to promote the importance of whitening on this day via a regional campaign.

In Hong Kong,  actress Fala Chen gave her pledge to pure, bright skin.


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Published by MsGlitzy.com in: Beauty

Miss Glitzy, Armotif and Chubby won free MAC makeover from Tangs.com! The initial plan was to go for this session together but due to conflicting schedules, Miss Glitzy went on to do her makeover first.

Miss Glitzy requested for a simple makeup and the makeup artist, Ken, suggested using purple colours from the MAC “In the Gallery” eyeshadow quad from its latest collections.


(closewise from top left) Nude face without a trace of makeup; Eyeshadow blended; Lower lid lined with a lighter colour eyeliner; Full makeup done!

Ken used a contour technique on the eyes where the ends of the eye area are coloured with darker shade (colour: Private Viewing) , slowly blending with lighter shade (colour: Look at the Eyes)  inwards. According to Ken, this technique adds more dimension to Asian eyes. Miss Glitzy’s eyes did look a bit longer because of the “oomph” created by the darker shade at the ends. And this technique is not difficult to DIY!

On another note, the MAC gel eyeliner is really lasting and smudge-free! The eyeshadows were mostly matt so the eyes didn’t look very greasy. The good news was, the eye makeup looked almost intact after 7 hours!


Thanks Tangs.com and MAC! For those who are interested to get a MAC makeover, it costs $120 and fully redeemable with MAC products (means it’s free!). Miss Glitzy can’t wait to see how Armotif and Chubby’s makeover went!

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