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I don’t use many oil-based products on my face given that I have rather oily and sensitive skin. Nonetheless, I have read a bit about the good benefits of natural oils and learnt that some oil-based products are good fix-it for the face, hair and body. If you are into more natural ingredients, you could consider using such products that are usually free of parabens and other radicals.

Most beauty oils are perfect as moisturisers, with some that are good as makeup remover or facial cleanser (just use one or two drops though). When used on the body, it could help to heal inflammation and improve hydration.

Here are three beauty oils that I would like to introduce in today’s post.


(from left) Clarins Huile “Tonic” Body Treatment Oil, VMV Hypoallergenics Know-it Oil, The Body Shop Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil

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Imagine life with 30 shades of eye colours to choose from. Assuming that each eye look takes about 3 shades, that would give you more than 4,000 looks  – about 4,060 to be exact.

So, try to imagine the fluttering heartbeat of the makeup aficionados when they see all the irresistible colours of the new Colour Crush Eye Shadows from The Body Shop.


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In what’s becoming a Christmas tradition for MsGlitzy.com, I have resurrected my guest contribution section again. This year, I have invited a few friends – who are also expert in the beauty arena - to share the contents of their beauty pouches. I am not sure whether you are curious about which items others are using, but I am definitely looking forward to their revelations!

The first person to kick off this series is Adlena Wong, PR practitioner at Platform Public Relations by day, home-proud and Donna Hay wannabe by night. Adlena’s first brush with beauty was at her first jobs – lifestyle, beauty and health writer at the leading female glossies in Singapore. With years of trial and error, her beauty favorites certainly do not come by chance but through personal experiences and interactions with beauty experts.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s in her pouch!

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I have been feeling quite good about my skin and my current regime and thought it would helpful to share the products I am using in a single post. Having gone through a rough patch in terms of my complexion (pardon the pun) last year, I am happy to see that my skin is regaining the smoothness and suppleness once again.

A brief introduction on my skin type – I have combination skin, whereby my T zone is rather oily but the other areas, in particular the cheeks and the under eye are rather dry. I have occasional acne problems, and due to age and probably lifestyle changes, my skin has become quite sensitive over the years and a slowdown in metabolism means that scars take much longer time to recover.

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If you are currently shopping for a moisturizer, do you have an imaginary criteria where you could check off every item in the list before you narrow down your options?

Some prefers their moisturizers to have SPF, others prefer oil-free version. Some consumers look for other catch phrases such as “anti-aging”, “non-comedogenic”, “hydrating” etc.

Today, I would like to introduce two Whitening Moisturizers and coincidentally, both contain plant extracts.

(from left) Clarins White Plus Whitening Velvet Emulsion SPF 20, The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Whitening Moisture Milk

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I have a confession to make. I have a love-hate relationship with the smoky eyes. In the earlier days (before I even started blogging), I tried fiddling with it and those pair of eyes looked like “smoky gone wrong”. Only through more exposure to different blogs, makeup brands and workshops, I began to understand how to blend, how to shape and how there is no rule in makeup. Yes, if you are confident enough, you could rock the Panda eyes too.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is, The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes might be suitable for those who are like me – curious about the smokies but hesitate to take that step forward.

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