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Miss Glitzy was invited to the premiere of Transformers 2 last night at The Cathay. She is new to Transformers and that night, she went home with one, and only one conclusion:

Transformers is a cock dude flick.

To be frank, Miss Glitzy didn’t quite enjoy the movie but it wasn’t hard to understand why the series had a sequel with a generous production budget. The movie was shot in the US (and New York), Paris and Egypt, and peppered with tonnes of wonderful CG effects. 5 key characteristics that get the guys:

1) Hot lead actress: Megan Fox

Yes she’s really sexy and even Miss Glitzy couldn’t help but stare at her bouncing boobies when she was running for her life from the evil Transformers in Egypt!! She’s really a great contributing factor towards the film’s aesthetics and who cares if earlier (false) reports said that she’s a man?

2) Right-into-your-face humour
Some jokes were lame to the optimus, nonetheless still funny. Sam (played by Shia LaBeouf) is the good and serious guy and who expects his mom Judy to be a complete comic? And Leo the wimp was surprisingly funny at the second half of the movie.

3) Warfare galore

In the movie, the US military worked together with the Autobots (the good Transformers) to fight the Decepticons (bad Transformers). So, expect many men in uniform shouting commands and showing off their sophisticated weapons. It was military in full force: from the air, land and sea.

4) New fast cars

All men (and women) love fast cars. We have Sam’s trusted aide the yellow BumbleBee which is in real life a really cool yellow sports car (please don’t ask about the brand/make). Miss Glitzy personally loves the ice-cream truck which went gagging non-stop whenever it went in action. Only found out after research that the ice cream truck was transformed from the noisy Autobot twins, Skids and Mudflap. Would be really nice if there was such a transformer truck at the cinema that serves ice-cream.

5) Cars transform to robots and they fight!

This is of course the key reason why every guy wanna watch the movie. Fast cars transform into fierce fighter robots with omnipotent power in a jiffy! Can you feel the testosterone already? And they fight with each other with much gusto and the sight of metal collisions… exciting! It gets better when the attacks happen everywhere: in college, in Paris, in Egypt etc. Same attacks, same message, different locations. Simple and macho!

Once again, thanks OMY and UIP for the invitation. Do opt for Transformers if you are on a movie date with your guy. That would probably keep him happy for a day. 🙂

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