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I have to share some Instagram shots of my Bali weekend trip. The villa I stayed in at Seminyak was spacious and quite luxurious (at least by my standard). Although it is not very accessible to the Seminyak town area, I would still recommend this villa to those who are looking for a tranquil and quiet place to chill and relax.


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I have a confession to make. I’m terribly bad at packing. One of my girlfriends always travel with a tiny luggage but stacked with numerous lovely dresses and outfits that put me to utter shame. I concluded that she is a good packer and I have loads to learn in this realm.

While I continue to explore the secret of packing effectively, I have resorted to stocking up on Uniqlo Bra Tops. Essentially clothes that are well-padded that make bras obsolete (when wearing the Bra Tops I mean), these help save a bit of luggage space and are so convenient and comfortable to wear.

I bagged a Uniqlo Bra Dress (S$49.90) a couple of months ago. It is basically a simple cap-sleeved dress with padded top and polka-dot skirt. Can I assert that bra dress is one of the best fashion innovations ever?


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