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“I believe we can be extraordinary together, rather than ordinary apart.”

The wedding date has changed and today’s the day, according to the wedding website set up by Izzie.

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Miss Glitzy has finally caught all the current episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 and gosh, she feels sad, disappointed, pained and glad all at the same time. It’s so life-like because life is never fairy-tale like and life experiences are supposed to be both beautiful yet dark and twisty.

Anyway, Miss Glitzy also found out that most peeps at Seattle Grace twitters, even Bailey! Following Izzie’s twitter now. Get well soon, Izzie.  Alex needs you!

PS: Dr Hunt’s Twitter is really lame. First tweet was “Take care now” to Cristina! LOL!

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Guess what Miss Glitzy saw first thing in the morning:

Miss Blair (gosh.. this sounds so Dorota) in matching hat and dress with the most drool-worthy arm candy (the man, not any bag).

Miss Glitzy is not a fan of the reunion of N & B though. Isn’t it great to have a Cinderella-like ending for V and benefit folks at Brooklyn with more Nate sightings?

Back to Blair’s outfit – can’t find the name of the designer but ribbons are indeed love!

Life at the Upper East Side is just so complicated,
xoxo Miss Glitzy

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