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Inspired by a blog post that I came across recently, I feel compelled to share some of my experiences and tips on online shopping. Most of my clothes are purchased online, but I still have friends who avoid online shopping in this day and age.


When I first started to dabble with online shopping, one of my favourite sites was Victoria’s Secrets. Their clothes are unique and lovely, but they feature the most gorgeous models looking fabulous in those pieces. Would I look as hot as Miranda Kerr if I were to wear the dress that she was modelling? No way! It is hard to gauge the actual material, colour and cutting of the wares from VS and without a doubt, there were high incidence of misses when I placed my orders based on the photos on the website.

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With the sweltering heat comes a reminder that Summer is finally approaching. Has anyone booked your beach vacay?

Here are some recommendations for your new swim outfit that allows you to flaunt your sexy bod. :)

H&M 2-piece swim suit (Top: S$24.90, Bottom: S$17.90)

Forget about tan lines. The netted detail at the front of the bandeau bikini, together with the rustic tie dye print, exude tribal appeal in this very hot summer.

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I was sorting out my photos and some outfits-que photos that could be posted on this blog. But they were taken a while back in Hong Kong or New York. I don’t really wanna sound like a broken record reminiscing my experience in those countries. As if you haven’t heard enough of it already.

So, this post shall be about some of my purchases in 2011. Kinda like a year in review. Except that it comes with photos of me wearing them when I was traveling. Same same but different. :)

1. Silk Scarf from Taobao

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I thought I should give some sort of warning first. Blog posts from now on could be sporadic, but I hope I can blog on the go!

Yeah, I am in New York City for 2 weeks!

Here are some photos that I took when I was in NYC many years ago. Things that I am looking forward to during this trip.

Bright lights at Time Square.

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All right. We are officially hitting towards the end of first quarter. February was an exceptionally short but festive month, with the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day. I had a great month although I would have preferred it to be longer. Did you do anything memorable in February?

[23 Feb 2011] This is the reason why I think Scarlett Johansson and Moet & Chandon are a match made in heaven. [link]

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