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The concept of “Shop and Do Good” is not new. If you have been raring to go on retail therapy, why not help to support some meaningful causes along the way?

1. Montblanc “Signature for Good”


This year, Montblanc launched a special edition of writing instruments, jewellery pieces and leather accessories to raise at least $1.5 million dollars to UNICEF’s education programmes, focusing on the most vulnerable children, through the Schools for Africa and Asia initiatives, and programmes in Latin America.


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I may seem like the leather shoes kinda girl (which is kinda true), but I do succumb to the irresistible appeal of Melissa jelly (officially known as “Melfex plastic”) shoes from time to time. After all, it was almost love at first sight when I first met the three-strap ballet flats at  the AFF Vivienne Westwood Anglomania show 3 years ago.

Fast forward today, looking at the recent Vivienne Westwood collaboration with Melissa…

Still irresistible, no?


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You heard it first on my Facebook and Twitter – I couldn’t contain my excitement last week and blurted out about some major giveaway that was coming up on MsGlitzy.com. And… this is it! Stand a chance to win a US$1000 shopping spree at global online boutique, my-wardrobe.com.

Well-stocked with luxury fashion items, you can expect a good range of designers available at my-wardrobe.com to cover different occasions.  From edgy casuals to glamorous frocks, some notable labels include Acne, Elizabeth and James, Tibi, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Mulberry etc.


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Ms Chubby was mad. She had looked forward to the Vivienne Westwood fashion show but her night was spoiled by poor event management.What the event management needs: better seat planning and customer service.

For convenience, the event management guy in question will be named Blur Boy.

When Ms Chubby and friends entered the tent, they were ushered to a row filled with people. The volunteer ushers just stood along the aisles and pointed them to Blur Boy who was dressed in white. Blur Boy took out his seating plan, looked lost and ushered Ms Chubby to another section.

Ms Chubby and friends had barely sat for 3 minutes when two MasterCard guests showed up with tickets. Blur Boy took out his seating plan again and asked, “Erm… do you mind moving to the back row?”

Ms Chubby, “Yes I mind. We bought tickets for this row and you ushered us here because there were no seats in our original section. It looks like this section is for MasterCard guests. If I move to the back, I will have to move again when other guests turn up. I don’t think it’s fair. Can you find us seats?” The two ladies nodded in agreement.

Blur Boy, “Erm…”

After a brief moment, Ms Chubby sighed, “Tell you what, we’ll be nice. We’ll give these seats to the two ladies and you find us seats quickly. Two minutes.”

Blur Boy took two steps away and returned, “All the ushers are volunteers. You shouldn’t bully them. Giving us a time is not fair. We are trying our best here ok?”

Ms Chubby was fuming, “I did not bully anyone, especially not the ushers. I have not been talking to anyone but you and you ushered us here but I still have to give up my seat. Now can you get us seats?”

Blur Boy barked, “You don’t have to be rude ok?”

Ms Chubby could hardly believe her ears. After all she and her friends gave up their seats to the two guests. Blur Boy was about to throw another hissy fit before Ms Armotif gestured him to get going. Blur Boy went back to the original section, walked around, achieved nothing, walked to the other sections while Ms Chubby and friends stood for a good ten minutes, looking unfashionably awkward among the seated guests. At long last, Blur Boy found seats and ushered them there.

The events company should probably allocate seat numbers in future. This year, tickets purchased only indicated the row number and it was free seating within the row. This system was being misused and the unhappy experience just gave a bad aftertaste to an otherwise splendid evening.

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Yeehar! Before the show started, there was a little drama which pissed off the babelicious Ms Chubby who is not chubby. Anyhow, spirits were not dampened! Fashion show = lots of people watching!

Cleavage – Check. It’s not uncommon to see cleavage anywhere in Singapore but this one that we spotted was like waaay attention grabbing. Overflowing SUPER big boobs off a super low and tight top.  Woohoo~

Glitters & Sparkles – Check. I was looking around scouting for more celebs when I heard the girls say “Look, Guo Liang! (a male local artiste) Right in front of us!” I thought there must be something wrong with me ‘cos I was looking right where the girls were looking and I didn’t spot anyone who looked anything like Guo Liang. Then I saw a lady standing right in front of us in a full length long sleeved glittery dress that shimmered so much, it looked like the universe took on the shape of a woman. That’s when I realised that the girls were saying “Look, hen liang! (Hen = Very, Liang = Shiny in Chinese).

Big Hair – Check. I was actually looking for Anna Wintour lookalikes, thick bob that’s all primped up and all but this one big volume overload hairdo was hard to miss. I wonder how she managed it. It was like a longer version of a pixie cut but gosh, the v-o-l-u-m-e. Kudos for making short hair look big.

Celebrities – Check. Lum May Yee looked ageless and cool, and so did her partner for the evening :). Contrary to her on-screen persona, Patricia Mok looks quite stylish in real life.

Stylists – Check. We saw David Gan and Clarence Lee. And they looked like… actually pretty much like normal people albeit with good complexion.

Beautiful people – Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Gosh there were so many. I wanna go to such shows more often!

Just one last comment. I think the video guys did a great job of the introduction clip that kicked off the show. The music, editing and visuals pumped up the mood for the evening and set the scene for a fun and whimsical runway show.

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Woohoo..Miss Glitzy and friends headed to the White Tent last night for the closing of Audi Fashion Festival. The Vivienne Westwood Anglomania show was a sell-out and the 2 sides of the runway were filled with people! While the event started fashionably late, it ended with a substantial showcase of quirky, colourful and imaginative fashion. Vivienne Westwood had effectively displayed her versatility and many sides of her designs.

Let the pictures do the talking:

Every piece looks so wearable and happy! The strappy flats that appeared in many different shades were much loved by Miss Glitzy and Miss Armotif!

Some better quality pictures from Chinadaily:

The gigantic safety-pin necklace seems quite a gem.

The show concluded the one-week festival with bang. Happy bouncy people in prints! Miss Glitzy is a fan of prints. And that colourful strappy flats in full force.

So inspired that she is searching VW pieces online now!

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Miss Glitzy got into this a tad late and realised that the Marc by Marc Jacobs show is sold out! Ashley Isham‘s showcase is available only at $60 including cocktail reception.

MasterCard holders can still grab the priority tickets to the Audi Fashion Festival by Sunday. Tickets will be open to public from 13 April.  Miss Glitzy is going to attend Vivienne Westwood Show. It’s her first time attending the Fashion Festival. She’s very excited!

PS: According to the official website, the search for event volunteers is still open – till 10 April!

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