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I have decided to feature some Fashion Week related posts on this month’s Facebooking series. What are your Yay and Nay from 2013 Spring/Summer collections?

[12 September 2012] Fashion Week Face-Off #1: Who’s cuter? Harper Seven Beckham or Aila Wang (niece of ALEXANDER WANG). [link]


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This is gonna be a short post. I am off for a weekend beach getaway and I am bringing these stuff along with me!

The Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+++ is a new product that is similar to the Multi-Defense Protector launched last year, but this new product can be used on both face and body. Another item that I am really excited about is my new monokini from Primark, which I purchased in London without trying because the queue at the fitting room was crazy. Fortunately, it fits me fine.

Now, I can’t wait to laze at the private pool, with maybe a good read and a glass of pina colada. Have a good weekend, everyone!

(PS: I know I was tagged by Dottie in her blog post. Weekend getaways are very successful in keeping me away from shopping. Peace!)

这个周末将到海边度假,光想就令人感到兴奋。短短的假期,本人将携带以上物品,包括新出炉的资生堂Perfect UV Protector防晒露,适合使用在脸部以及身体。 早些时候在伦敦Primark购买了一件式monokini, 迫不及待在这次的假期穿上。赖在泳池, 晒晒太阳,手上捧着一杯清凉的pina colada。真令人期待!祝大家也和我一样,周末愉快!

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Last week, I was invited by Luxottica to preview the Fall/Winter range of eyewear from the brands that distribute such as Miu Miu, Burberry, Ray-Ban, Vogue etc.

Of course, how could I resist playing with different frames?

(from left) Miu Miu Noir, Prada and Miu Miu Culte.


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Pardon me for my ignorance, I didn’t know that Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) is actually a global event. I must have been living in the well, thinking that FNO is a NYC only thing. The night shopping extravaganza is happening this week and Asian countries that are involved include China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

Vogue Taiwan gathered several Taiwanese celebrities for a photo-shoot that featured the limited edition FNO Taiwan t-shirt.

Dee Hsu and Barbie Hsu


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