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DVF‘s iconic wrap dress turns 40 this year – alas, the dress is older than yours truly – and to commemorate this milestone, fashionistas from around the globe will be telling us their experiences with this timeless dress.


First to kickstart the “journey” – Coco Rocha!


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Miss Glitzy has been a fan of DVF for quite a while now. The obsession has never really stopped and she was on her way to accumulate more and more printed something from that designer. It’s not just about the prints actually – the dresses are so wearable as they compliment womanly curves and you don’t have to be reed thin to look fabulous. The prints just make the dresses special, i.e. it’s not just your regular little ____ (fill in the name of your favourite colour) dress. And in case it is not too evident from the outfit posts so far, Miss Glitzy is quite a printy person.

She happened to see this photo on DVF Facebook page:

A congregation of DVF dresses! What do you think?

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